Graphics Examples

Example 7.3: Simple jittered scatterplot with smoother for dichotomous outcomes with continuous predictors
Example 7.4: A prettier jittered scatterplot
Example 7.8: Plot two empirical cumulative density functions using available tools
Example 7.11: Plot an empirical cumulative distribution function from scratch
Example 7.12: Calculate and plot a running average
Example 7.14: A simple graphic of sales
Example 7.15: A more complex sales graphic
Example 7.25: Compare draws with distribution
Example 7.28: Bubble plots
Example 7.29: Bubble plots colored by a fourth variable
Example 7.31: Contour plot of BMI by weight and height
Example 7.32: Add reference lines to a plot; fine control of tick marks
Example 7.33: Specifying fonts in graphics
Example 7.40: Nelson-Aalen plotting
Example 7.41: Hazard function plotting

Example 8.3: pyramid plots
Example 8.5: bubble plots part 3
Example 8.10: Combination dotplot/boxplot (teaching graphic in honor of World Statistics Day)
Example 8.11: violin plots
Example 8.12: Bike ride plot, part 1
Example 8.13: Bike ride plot, part 2
Example 8.25: more latent class models (plus a graphical display)
Example 8.31: Choropleth maps
Example 8.32: The HistData package, sunflower plots, and getting data from R into SAS
Example 8.36: Quadratic equations with real roots
Example 8.39: Calculating Cramer's V
Example 8.40: Side-by-side histograms
Example 8.41: Scatterplot with marginal Histogram

Example 9.1: Scatterplots with binning
Example 9.2: Transparent overplotting and bivariate KDE
Example 9.3: Contingency table plots
Example 9.6: Model comparison plots (Completed)
Example 9.11: Employment plot
Example 9.15: Bar chart with error bars ("Dynamite plot")
Example 9.16: Small multiples
Example 9.17: (much) better pairs plots
Example 9.20: visualizing Simpson's paradox
Example 9.22: shading plots and inequalities
Example 9.23: Demonstrating proportional hazards
Example 9.25: It's been a mighty warm winter? (Plot on a circular axis)
Example 9.26: More circular plotting
Example 9.27: Baseball and shrinkage
Example 9.34: Bland-Altman plots