Examples 8.1 - 8.42

Example 8.1: Digits of Pi

Example 8.2: Digits of Pi, redux

Example 8.3: pyramid plots

Example 8.4: Including subsetting conditions in output

Example 8.5: bubble plots part 3

Example 8.6: Changing the reference category for categorical variables

Example 8.7: Hosmer and Lemeshow goodness-of-fit

Example 8.8: more Hosmer and Lemeshow

Example 8.9: Contrasts

Example 8.10: Combination dotplot/boxplot (teaching graphic in honor of World Statistics Day)

Example 8.11: violin plots

Example 8.12: Bike ride plot, part 1

Example 8.13: Bike ride plot, part 2

Example 8.14: generating standardized regression coefficients

Example 8.15: Firth logistic regression

Example 8.16: Exact logistic regression

Example 8.17: Logistic regression via MCMC

Example 8.18: A Monte Carlo experiment

Example 8.19: Referencing lists of variables

Example 8.20: Referencing lists of variables, part 2

Example 8.21: latent class analysis

Example 8.22: latent class modeling using randomLCA

Example 8.23: expanding latent class model results

Example 8.24: MplusAutomation and Mplus

Example 8.25: more latent class models (plus a graphical display)

Example 8.26: reading data with variable number of words in a field

Example 8.27: using regular expressions to read data with variable number of words in a field

Example 8.28: should we buy snowstorm insurance?

Example 8.29: risk ratios and odds ratios

Example 8.30: Compare Poisson and negative binomial count models

Example 8.31: Choropleth maps

Example 8.32: The HistData package, sunflower plots, and getting data from R into SAS

Example 8.33: Merging data sets one-to-many

Example 8.34: Robustness of the t test with small n

Example 8.35: True random numbers and using API URLs

Example 8.36: Quadratic equations with real roots

Example 8.37: Read sheets from an Excel file

Example 8.38: Create Excel spreadsheets

Example 8.39: Calculating Cramer's V

Example 8.40: Side-by-side histograms

Example 8.41: Scatterplot with marginal Histogram

Example 8.42: Skewness and kurtosis and more moments