Monday, July 23, 2012

Third year wrap-up

July marks the end of three years of blogging for us. By our count, we've posted 121 examples across the first three years. We aim to be helpful and interesting.

As always, it's hard to get a sense of our readership. At the time we wrote this, Feedburner reports about 1050 regular readers (up from 650 last year), but this (still) omits people who see us on R-bloggers or SAS Community Planet or SAS-X or statsblogs. As consumers of those aggregators, we assume there are many others who see us without subscribing directly. Google Analytics reports over 200,000 total pageviews (up from 100,000), while Feedburner claims 525,000, (up from 250,000).

As in previous years (2010, 2011) we report here on our most popular entries:

RStudio in the cloud, for dummies
To attach() or not attach(): that is the question
Example 9.17: (much) better pairs plot
Really useful R package: sas7bdat
Example 8.37: Read sheets from Excel
Example 9.20: Visualizing Simpson's paradox

Example 7.35: Propensity score matching
Example 8.7: Hosmer and Lemeshow goodness-of-fit
Example 7.30: Simulate censored survival data
Example 7.38: Kaplan-Meier survival estimates
Example 7.2: Simulate data from a logistic regression

No overlap at all! This points to the difficulty of knowing what kinds of things we do may be useful to you, our readers. So, as usual, any feedback or suggestions would be most welcome.

In previous years we've slavishly turned over into a new set of numbered entries on our anniversary (July 1) and then taken a hiatus in August. This year we're going to rationalize and both conclude the chapter and take our break with this entry. We'll be back with example 10.1 in September.

An unrelated note about aggregators:We love aggregators!  Aggregators collect blogs that have similar coverage for the convenience of readers, and for blog authors they offer a way to reach new audiences.  SAS and R is aggregated by R-bloggers, PROC-X, and statsblogs with our permission, and by at least 2 other aggregating services which have never contacted us.  If you read this on an aggregator that does not credit the blogs it incorporates, please come visit us at SAS and R.  We answer comments there and offer direct subscriptions if you like our content.  In addition, no one is allowed to profit by this work under our license; if you see advertisements on this page, the aggregator is violating the terms by which we publish our work.

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