Monday, June 28, 2010

Second year of entries!

Hello, readers new and old!

We started adding examples a year ago, in advance of the book's publication.

To mark the occasion, we're closing chapter 7 and starting chapter 8 next week. We've crafted a listing of all entries from the first year and made this available here.

For those wanting to keep score at home, the five entries most often viewed were:

Example 7.11: Plot an empirical cumulative distribution function from scratch

Example 7.8: Plot two empirical cumulative density functions using available tools

Example 7.2: Simulate data from a logistic regression

Example 7.34: Propensity scores and causal inference from observational studies

Example 7.30: Simulate censored survival data

Thanks for reading! We love comments, questions, and suggestions for new examples.

Ken and Nick

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Tal Galili said...

Congratulations the both of you :)