Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Statistical Sleuth (second edition) in R

For those of you who teach, or are interested in seeing an illustrated series of analyses, there is a new compendium of files to help describe how to fit models for the extended case studies in the Second Edition of the Statistical Sleuth: A Course in Methods of Data Analysis (2002), the excellent text by Fred Ramsey and Dan Schafer. If you are using this book, or would like to see straightforward ways to undertake analyses in R for intro and intermediate statistics courses, these may be of interest.

These files can be found here. The site includes both formatted pdf files as well as the original knitr files which were used to generate the output. Knitr is an elegant, flexible and fast means to undertake reproducible analysis and dynamic report generation within R and RStudio.

This work leverages efforts undertaken by Project MOSAIC, an NSF-funded initiative to improve the teaching of statistics, calculus, science and computing in the undergraduate curriculum. In particular, we utilize the mosaic package, which was written to simplify the use of R for introductory statistics courses.

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