Sunday, July 31, 2011

Taking August off!

We'll be back with recharged batteries and lots of new entries in September. Have a great summer*!

As usual, please send any questions you have about using SAS or R.

*Not valid in the southern hemisphere.


Ken said...

The forecast for Sydney, Australia is 72 F (22 C) so it is sort of like summer in many places.

Ken Kleinman said...

Summer here in Massachusetts makes 72 F pleasantly cool, if nothing like winter.

But at least it's not Dallas, where highs have been over 100 F for a solid month and nighttime lows have been in the 80s. Yech.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Thanks for the great blog.
I am looking for procedures or analyses where the defaults used differ for SAS and R. Hence, the results for the same data would be (at least slightly) different with the default options.
Could anyone kindly provide relevant examples?